How To Get A Free Parking Pass and Free Adult CNE Season Pass To The CNE

Apparently, if you go to the CNE Casino and register at the counter for a VIP Pass, hang around “gambling” for 3 hours and then go back, you will earn a VIP Pass which includes a CNE Season Pass and a free parking pass.  Only thing is, they will expect you to gamble.  I have not tried this, but apparently, they don’t monitor you so if you leave and come back after three hours to go on a “smoke break,” you are totally eligible for this promotion–and even better, they’ll mail you in July next year to let you know that your CNE Season Pass and parking pass is available to be picked up for next year to be picked up by a certain date.  Best of all, you won’t need to wait around for 3 hours next year.  Is it a lifetime deal?  The verdict is still out.  Others have been doing this for years while others are “reevaluated,” meaning you have to go back and spend 3 hours there again.   What do you do while you wait the three hours?  Well, you could go into the EX but then you’ll pay.  You could certainly gamble.  That’s what they expect you to do. I will have to try this and update the website with my personal experience.

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