How to Save $ On Vacations-Without Getting “grouponed” or “socialed”

When you go out of town on vacation, you may be out of your element when it comes to where to go and what to do while there.

Of course, you should go on to to find the Top 10, 20, 50 places to visit when in any particular destination.

Then, hope ,and pray you can find a deal to those places.

To begin, go to through Ebates if your vacation is somewhere in North America.  Not signed up to Ebates yet? You can find my link to (so I can get a referral–thanks!)–more info on Ebates can be found here.  ALWAYS go through Ebates to another website to get to ANY of these coupon websites such as Living Social, Groupon, and RetailMeNot. THAT way you will not only get the Groupon (etc,) discount but a discount on the money you spent ON the coupon with Ebates!  Many times it is 6-15% in cash back!

Choose the city you will be visiting in the location parameters box beside the search box.  Then, compare the offers to TripAdvisor to see if the places mentioned are worth seeing according to them.  Some places, such as an art night, probably would not be listed, but other places will be!

Not just places to go, but places to EAT!

Warning!  With these coupons, you not only have to look in the fine print to be sure the coupon will not expire before you leave, but also any other restrictions–only dinners, only lunches, one coupon per couple, per table, 20% tip added to order, taxes on the coupon not included, etc., etc.

Slightly changing the topic, be very careful when using these coupon companies when it comes to services around the house.  We had to cancel 3 different vent cleaners, as they did not include in the details VERY important information including how much extra they would charge for things that were apparently necessary to do a proper vent cleaning, for example.  This is more an issue when it comes to services around the house.  I ended up turning down the last company that ended up coming, for the “necessary” air conditioning cleaning that I called in another company for half the price that I felt did a VERY professional job, as opposed to the one that started the job, and would regularly not show up and not call, until they finally came, over 2 hours late, and only called soon before arriving. is a good way to find out about which companies are reputable and in turn, which ones to stay away from–you really do get what you pay for!