The Glory of Ebates

 Ebates logo BEbates Canada logo
Click the logo (to the left for the Canadian website, right for the US) to be taken to their websites. Once there, click “Join” on the top right corner of the window.
Ebates (both in Canada ( and the US ( is a glorious website.  It allows you to shop at tons of different stores through their website.

The advantage to doing so is that they give you cashback when you do it!

For example, I knew I was heading to the States for a family vacation, so I went and looked around for a new computer for my side business (this one) so I could do Powerpoint presentations for the seminars I plan on running soon.  Buying items in the States tends to be much cheaper, of course–more competition.

So I went to Lenovo’s website (formerly IBM) and saw a Cyber Monday special on a fast computer (i7 processor).  If you choose to download Ebates as an add-on to your browser, it will place a little “E” logo of theirs on the top right corner of your browser.  Whenever you are on a website that Ebates will provide you with cashback for, it will turn reddish.  Click on the “E” and it will have a dropdown menu, showing you how much you could save and encouraging you to click their link.  It will then redirect you to that very website you were just on but confirm that your cashback is activated.  For Cyber Monday, they upped the cashback to 15%!

The way Ebates works is they have a sweet deal with retailers so that if you use Ebates’ link to go to these retailers’ websites, they see it as found business, and they pay Ebates a finder’s fee for bringing them business.  Ebates gives a big piece of that finder’s fee to you through cashback to your PayPal account 4 times a year.

Here’s a YouTube link to see how it works.

After you’re done, please click the appropriate logos above (Canada or the US version or both).  By doing so, all my hard work here will have paid off as I’ll get a finder’s fee of my own for sending you to a website that pays YOU a finder’s fee!

4 thoughts on “The Glory of Ebates

  1. […] And of course, don’t forget that before you rent a car with either rental car company, go to the Ebates website (if you don’t already have an account with an Ebate button in the top corner of your browser to click on)  and go through to get to the Hertz or National car rental websites to get a cashback discount!  If you haven’t yet signed up for Ebates, see my post and the link that’s on it HERE. […]


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